Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chelsea: UEFA Europa League semi-final prediction

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As part of the match between Eintracht and Chelsea on May 2, 2019, the main favorite of the tournament will come to Frankfurt to fight against the local team. The game at the Commerzbank Arena stadium will start at 22:00 Moscow time.

Eintracht The Eagles had to play two very difficult matches against Benfica. Difficulties began in Portugal, where the German team lost 4:2. Thus, on the home field, they needed to score at least twice. The hosts did not pull and went on the attack immediately after the starting whistle. The first scoring chance came from Filip Kostic, the striker picked up the ball after the pass of a partner, but hurried a little with the shot, and sent the round right into the hands of the goalkeeper. The Portuguese almost forgot about the attack in the first 45 minutes of the game, trying to concentrate all their forces on the defense of their own goal. Nevertheless, they failed to keep their gates intact. After many attempts, the score was opened in the 37th minute, Kostic successfully played on rebounding, sending the ball into an empty net after a rebound from the post – 1:0. Kostic could also count on a double, but a few minutes after the first goal, the defender managed to knock the ball out from under the feet of the Serbian player. Eintracht scored in the first half, but this was not enough, so the most interesting was waiting for the audience ahead. Despite a comfortable score, after the break, Benfica began to open up as well. The Portuguese players actively started the second half, going on the attack with considerable forces. But then problems began to arise in the guests’ game, Eintracht players quickly noticed gaps in the opponent’s defense, and began to actively use it. The result came in the 67th minute, six Benfica players did not keep track of Ante Rebic at once, and the Croatian forward calmly took the ball, and then hit hard from the penalty area – 2:0. Then the teams switched roles, Eintracht went on the defensive, and Benfica began to storm the hosts’ gates. The Germans resisted and kept a positive result. The result – 2:0, Eintracht passed thanks to two away goals, and reached the semi-finals of the European Cup for the first time in 39 years (then, in the 79/80 season, it ended with a triumph in the UEFA Cup). Chelsea The Londoners had an easier task. Chelsea had to keep a minimal away victory (0:1) against Slavia, but not everything was as easy as it seemed at first glance. The Blues got off to a terrific start, scoring three times in the opening 17 minutes. Pedro opened the scoring in the fifth minute, the Spaniard outplayed Giroud coolly and realized a one-on-one exit – 1:0. Five minutes later, the second goal was scored, Simon Deli was completely in the wrong place, and sent the ball into his own net – 2:0. The third goal was again organized by a pair of Pedro Giroux, this time the Spaniard threw the ball at the attacker, who easily sent it into an empty net – 3:0. It seemed that the game was over, but Tomas Soucek thought completely differently, the captain of Slavia won back one ball of his team, successfully closing the cross from a corner – 3:1 in the 26th minute. The midfielder returned hope for his team, but only for one minute, until Pedro Rodriguez scored another goal, the Spaniard again closed the discount from Giroud – 4:1. The teams went on break. The second half of the match was completely different. Chelsea players thought that the game was already done, and therefore decided to sit out in defense. Slavia quickly took advantage of the overconfidence of the Chelsea players. First, Petr Shevchik won back the second goal of Slavia, scoring from a long distance in the 51st minute, and four minutes later, the same Shevchik scored an identical goal, scoring from the same position – 4:3. Chelsea players realized that such a sloppy defensive play could cost them a ticket to the semi-finals. But the problem was discovered in time by Maurizio Sarri, the coach made several changes in the composition of the London team, which immediately improved the game of his wards. The result – 4:3, the “blue” advanced to the next round, but they have a more serious opponent ahead of them. The match Eintracht – Chelsea promises to be much more difficult for the English, because the Eagles, unlike Slavia, will not sit on the defensive for the entire 90 minutes of the first match. Odds for the match Eintracht – Chelsea May 2, 2019 The bookmakers from Pari-Match are not ready to give the status of an absolute favorite to any of the teams. Odds for the match Eintracht – Chelsea: Eintracht to win – 2.75; Draw – 3.40; Chelsea win – 2.65. Eintracht – Chelsea: prediction for the match For Eintracht, the home field factor is very important, where Adi Hutter’s team is undefeated in the European Cup arena this season. It should be assumed that the hosts will bet on attacking football in the first leg in order to make the most comfortable result possible before the game at Stamford Bridge. Prediction for the match Eintracht – Chelsea: Eintracht’s total over 2, odds – 4.90, or you can make a less risky bet and bet on goals scored in both halves, odds – 1.81.

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