Esports competitions will be regulated in Nevada

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A bill to regulate esports in Nevada has been submitted to the State Senate (the upper house of the legislature). The document provides for the creation of an eSports commission in the region and the removal of the limit on the amount of prize money at relevant events (now up to $1,000). The initiators of the bill clarified that experts should determine which eSports events should be affected by the law. For example, professional or student tournaments. Esports is very popular in the world, the Nevada Senate noted. They believe that the passage of the draft law – expected to come into force in January 2022 – will attract esports business to the state. Earlier it became known that it will be possible to bet on sports in South Dakota this fall, the development of state rules for betting should begin in the near future. As reported, Nebraska legislators are working on rules for gambling legalized in the state after the vote of local residents in 2020. Recall that in the state of New York there are taxes and fees for mobile sports betting, which can give the regional budget 496 million dollars over four years.

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