Even after a year, there is no good news for bookmakers from Washington

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Back in March 2019, the US capital legalized America’s favorite hobby. However, this was only the beginning of a long and winding road that the bookies have traveled over the past year and have never reached the finish line. A month ago, the Lottery and Gaming Authority announced that it would legalize sports betting by the end of the month. This would coincide with a huge number of multi-sport events on the calendar, including the NCAA College NBA Basketball Tournament, the NHL and the start of the MLB regular season. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has driven the entire planet crazy. When everything is practically closed, and the risk of transmitting the virus to another person is at an all-time high, what is the point of organizing sports betting right now? A representative of the DC Lottery regulator says that mobile and desktop sports betting platforms have already been tested and are fully ready for launch. He also noted that all these platforms can be launched even tomorrow, and consumers will be able to place bets in real time. People are starting to bet on video games and other virtual esports competitions. And there is practically no information about them. This makes this type of betting a gambling game in its true definition. Nearly every professional league in the world has now suspended play indefinitely due to growing concerns about the COVID-19 virus. As a result, rates have also been cancelled. This applies to the lottery as well as to any other sports betting in the US and around the world. Sports betting was originally supposed to open in Washington, D.C. by September, when the NFL season begins. Things didn’t go well, however, when the authorities tried to contract Greek bookmaker Intralot to control mobile betting. DC Lottery even had a contract ready, but the judge did not give the green light and officially did not allow the work. A DC Lottery spokesman said his office is committed to maximizing revenue through responsible management and the sale of innovative and entertaining gaming offerings.
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