Experts predict a struggle between platforms for esports audience

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Juniper Research, which analyzes mobile and digital technologies, has published a forecast for the promotion of eSports and its audience for 2021-2025. According to experts, in four years the volume of the global industry of streaming e-sports and computer games will be $3.5 billion, this year it will be $2.1 billion. The number of spectators of eSports and games by the end of this year will be at the level of 800 million, in 2025 it will exceed a billion people. Most will be residents of the Asia-Pacific region. Audience growth will lead to increased competition between streaming platforms, including Twitch and Youtube. Earlier, Newzoo’s analytics on the development of eSports in the world until 2024 became known. Recall that experts have suggested an increase in the volume of the global online gambling market to $158 billion by 2028.

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