Famous poker players raised a large amount for charity

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On the eve of the New Year 2019, the results of a charity event launched by Roman Romeopro Romanovsky and feruell to collect donations for the study of artificial intelligence became known. Thanks to the efforts of famous players, it was possible to raise more than 50 thousand dollars. This amount was tripled by the organizers of the marathon and doubled by Dan Smith. Thus, the total amount of donations amounted to 320 thousand dollars.

Nikita Bodyakovsky, Garik Yaroshevsky, Alexey Kravchuk and other players took part in the action. The money will be donated for research to three foundations: the Research Institute of Machine Intelligence, the Fund for Effective Altruism and Raising for Effective Giving. According to Romanovsky, the funds will allow scientists to counter potential threats associated with the development of technology. One of the most successful online poker players in the CIS, Roman Romeopro Romanovsky, is known for holding charity events. In 2015, he donated half of all his winnings to various funds. In 2016, he announced another charity marathon. Romanovsky’s goal is to transfer 2 million dollars to various organizations in order to make the world a better place.

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