Finnish monopoly operator introduces customer identification for slot machine halls

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From January 12, 2021, the Finnish gambling monopoly operator, Veikkaus, introduces the identification of customers of slot machine halls located outside the casino. According to the company, until July 1, 2021, identification is voluntary, then it will become a mandatory procedure. Identification can be done using a mobile application installed on a smartphone, a Veikkaus player card or a payment card connected to the monopolist’s customer database. Earlier, the National Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland published a report in which it referred the identification of players to one of the effective methods to reduce the harmful effects of gambling. As previously reported, Finland has a complete state monopoly on all types of gambling. Profits from the gambling industry are directed: to education, culture and art – 53%, to social security and health care – 43%, to the protection of forests – 4%.

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