Forest Green Rovers FC supported the fight against gambling advertising

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Forest Green Rovers FC from League 2 of the English Football League supported the public organization Gambling with Lives, which opposed the sponsorship and advertising of gambling operators in football. According to the club’s management, gambling has taken over football: matches are crammed with gambling advertising – from advertising during broadcasts to operator logos at stadiums. It has become an abuse of football and fans, according to representatives of Forest Green Rovers. UK gambling legislation is outdated and needs to be changed – especially due to the continuous spread of online gambling; and if sponsorship of sporting events by tobacco companies has been banned, then it should also be done for gambling sponsorship, Gambling with Lives said. My Lucky Story wrote that as part of changes to UK gambling laws, the authorities could ban bookmakers from sponsoring sports organizations. This was opposed by representatives of the English Football League. Earlier it became known that members of the British Parliament appealed to TV channels with a request to limit gambling advertising on the daytime air. Recall that the Armenian parliament has already introduced restrictions on gambling advertising.

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