Former CSKA player told about betting hobby of CSKA head coach

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In his interview to one of the media, Brazilian football player Daniel da Silva Carvalho said that the head coach of the Moscow team CSKA, Croat Ivic Olic, used to be fond of sports betting and put on many events of the Brazilian football championship. Daniel Carvalho spoke very positively about the coach, both as a person and as an athlete. He remembered how they played and trained together, being players of the same club. The appointment of Mr. Olic as head coach of the CSKA was unexpected for the Brazilian, but not surprising. According to Carvalho, many CSKA players did not leave the sport and remained in football, thanks to the skills and knowledge gained. For your information, in March 2021, the defender of the Portsmouth club, Rasmus Nicolaisen, was fined for betting. But the proceedings over the stake in the betting company of the football club Milan – Zlatan Ibrahimovic cost him 50 thousand euros.

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