Four of a Kind in Poker

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In the article we will try to deal with one of the possible poker combinations – we will talk about Kare. It does not consist of five cards of a full-fledged combination familiar to us, but of four – hence the characteristic name. Four of a kind is one of the strongest sets of cards, second only to royal flush and straight flush, in the hierarchy of Texas Hold’em combinations.

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The strength of a four of a kind is determined by the seniority of the face value of the cards from which it is collected – that is, a four of a kind jacks wins a square of ten and the like. If two players have the equivalent of a four of a kind, the kicker, the fifth card of the combination, decides the victory. Four of a kind poker combination Four of a kind is one of the strongest combinations in poker, it consists of four cards of the same denomination of different suits – four fives, four queens, four aces and the like. It has a square and its own slang names, such as a carriage, a snag, or just a four. Despite the fact that it has not five but only four cards, it is considered a full-fledged combination. Four of a kind combination – examples Let’s assume the following situation – pocket cards of one of the participants at the table consist of two kings, while five common cards are open on the board – king, king, five and ace. This means that the participant got a square of kings with an ace kicker. It may be that the player has one king and one five in his hands, there are king, king, king, nine and queen on the board – this is also four of a kind, here the kicker is the highest card on the table – the queen. It happens that four of a kind goes to the board in full force – king, king, king, king and five – then four of a kind becomes a common combination for all players, here the kicker comes to the rescue – and whoever has it is the oldest wins the hand. Probability of Gathering Four of a Kind As we said above, four of a kind is one of the strongest poker combinations, which means that it falls out, so to speak, it is very rare. Getting four of a kind on the street of the flop, having different card values ​​in the starting hand, is a one in ten thousand chance – that’s 0.01 percent. In the event that you were dealt a pocket pair at the beginning of the game – the chances increase, but are not even equal to one percent – but only 0.25%. Let’s look at the statistics of the probability of getting four of a kind on subsequent streets of poker: Having a combination of a set (three of a kind) on the flop, there is a two percent chance to collect four of a kind on the turn and four percent to wait for an increase on the last round – on the river, when the fifth community card appears; Having received a set (three of a kind) on the turn stage, we have only a two percent chance of improving to a combination of four of a kind on the river; We understand that all of the above numbers cannot be called a “reliable chance” to improve, but poker has always been able to surprise, which means four of a kind can come even to those who do not count on it. How to Play Four of a Kind in Poker Playing four of a kind in poker requires self-control. Especially if you have a rare four of a kind from high cards, or as they are also called, upper Broadway cards, you need to do everything to extract value – that is, to secure the largest possible pot for yourself in case you win. Experts recommend using a tactic or style of play called slowplay – do not give your opponents the strength of your hand and your joy about it. Make careful, not very big bets, call others. Since aggression on your part can cause opponents to not want to risk their bets and fold their cards. And do not forget that the strength of four of a kind depends on the kicker, and even if small, but still there are chances that someone will get a stronger combination. And once again we remind you the main rule of dealing with any combination in poker – you should not be understandable and predictable for your opponents. Let’s go back to the topic – Four of a kind is a poker combination of four cards of the same denomination (value). The combination does not consist of five cards, but is considered complete and is one of the strongest. In the case of two or more players equal to four of a kind, the winner is determined by the kicker – the highest fifth card. The fact that this is the second most powerful combination tells us that it falls out extremely rarely. Four of a kind requires a particular style of play, as it can increase your stack significantly if you can extract value. Like other combinations, four of a kind is a good chance to win, but it does not guarantee it to anyone.

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