Four players from Russian clubs may be disqualified due to betting

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It became known about the beginning of the consideration of the case on sports betting committed by the current players of the Kolomna and Inter clubs. Note that the ethics committee can remove athletes. This is not the first time the situation has happened, and experts report that the phenomenon of such prohibited betting has become more and more common among professional football players. The result of the previous case was the suspension of five athletes playing for the Sochi and Dynamo football clubs, and in the case of Chaika, the club director was punished. The meeting related to today’s case is scheduled for early June 2021 and may end with at least a “conditional” suspension of athletes from the games. The opinion of the leadership of the ethics committee remains unchanged and experts argue that it is necessary to make the rules and subsequent restrictions on the field strict and tough in order to stop the current negative trend. Meanwhile, the activities of Russian betting companies showed a good result in terms of targeted deductions – in the first quarter of 2021 they amounted to 1.85 billion rubles. My Lucky Story also reported on a big win by a resident of St. Petersburg on an express bet – the Russian received 4,710,000 rubles from the bookmaker.

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