France’s Heritage Lottery

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The lottery to save the cultural heritage of France will begin in March and will last until July this year. The lottery, called the “Heritage Lottery”, is being held in France for the second time.

Last year, this lottery helped raise about 50 million euros. With this money, the authorities managed to restore 269 monuments throughout France. This year, only 18 buildings have been included in the list of objects that need restoration. However, this list will be supplemented, the organizers said. More than two million people across France took part in the draw last year. However, as experts noted, the number of participants could have been more if not for the price of the lottery tickets themselves. In 2018, the cost of one ticket was 15 euros. In this regard, the organizers of the lottery offered French residents an additional option – a lottery ticket, which will cost only three euros. The Heritage Lottery will end on July 14 of this year, on this day the organizers will also raffle a large amount of 13 million euros among the people of France. The founder of such a lottery is the French government itself. In 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the preparation of a list of all cultural sites that are in urgent need of restoration. However, when it came to financing this project, officials proposed an unusual solution that would benefit both the authorities and the people of France. As a result, already in December 2017, the creation of the “Heritage Lottery” was approved in the country. Recall that the authorities of Belarus announced the launch of a new instant lottery “BELBET”. The draws will be organized by a republican unitary enterprise called “Belarusian Lotteries”. The purpose of the lottery is to develop the material and technical base of sanatorium and environmental institutions. The new lottery will run for five years from the date of registration.

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