From Spam King to Top Blogger. The Story of Scott TheBigJackpot Richter

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Scott Richter is one of the most controversial figures in gambling blogging. A man under the pseudonym Raja, aka The Big Jackpot, managed to lose more than $ 7 million due to spam during his career, launch a YouTube channel about gambling, collect an audience of more than 130 thousand subscribers and get into the top 50 most inspiring entrepreneurs according to The finishing touch was Scott’s book Tips for Making Money on YouTube.

Spam King and Lawsuits Scott’s indirect exposure to the gambling industry dates back to 2003, 12 years before The Big Jackpot was founded. Mr. Richter was a director of LLC and was involved in spamming. One of Scott’s advertised products was Iraqi playing cards. Emails with the presentation of this product caused a resonance in the SEO communities. Through aggressive promotion, the company sold over 40,000 decks before the product hit the market. This earned Mr. Richter the title of “King of Spam”. In 2006, Microsoft sued Raja for $7 million for illegal spam activity. Two years later, MySpace also received $6 million in court damages from Scott Richter for unwanted advertisements. By that point, Richter’s marketing firm was called Media Breakaway LLC. However, the head of the company continued to look for ways to reach out to the audience. In November 2013, ICANN terminated the contract with Mr. Richter’s company and caused irreparable damage to his business. In 2015, Scott decides to change his line of work and launches a YouTube channel dedicated to casinos and slot machines. Experience in web marketing helps Raja promote a new project. At the beginning of 2019, The Big Jackpot’s YouTube account has 133,000 subscribers, and Scott’s Facebook page has more than 12,000 followers. High stakes and live broadcasts Blogger Raja, unlike his pretty rival Slotlady, does not work alone. The Big Jackpot has a whole team that travels with Scott to all the casinos in America. The content of the YouTube channel is based on videos demonstrating the game on “one-armed bandits” with high stakes. Raja does not like trifles and considers himself a high roller. A blogger can spend up to $1,000 on one slot, and considers a prize of at least $10,000 to be a good win. On YouTube, The Big Jackpot uploads videos of their winnings, and also periodically arranges live broadcasts directly from the casino. New content appears on the channel at least once a week, sometimes the Richter team releases several videos. Raja does not have favorite genres, but he prefers slot machines with generous bonuses and reviews new slots. The Big Jackpot has an Instagram account with 4,000 followers, Twitch and Patreon pages (about a thousand followers each). Scott uses social media to post announcements and reports on his team’s work, and frequently posts photos with fans. Richter invites all his admirers to the Bomber Squad. In addition to social media and YouTube accounts, Raja is actively developing his own website. announces new video releases, gambling festivals and cruises for members of the Bomber Squad, and also tells fans in which land-based casino Raja plans to shoot the next video.
T-shirts and e-mail sale The official description of The Big Jackpot channel states that Scott just loves gambling and wants to share his hobby with other people. He invites to subscribers not only gamblers, but also ordinary users who like to watch the game of slots. In an interview with Royal Piranha Profile, the blogger says: I often experimented with social media in my marketing campaigns, and I started posting jackpot videos a long time ago. But I started to actively engage with my channel after I realized its potential, and the fact that I can create something interesting and earn income doing what I really enjoy. Members of The Gambling Community are not so optimistic. They believe that The Big Jackpot is another attempt by Scott Richter to make big money. Raja, like Slotlady, sells t-shirts and sweatshirts with his logo, caps, cups, cards and even Christmas decorations. The video blogger is in no hurry to say goodbye to the former glory of the Spam King, reserving the right to dispose of the personal data of members of his Bomber Squad. Skeptical members of the gambling community claim that Raja is still trading in electronic addresses. User Miller26 in The Gambling Community writes: You can register on his (Raji’s) website, but you must agree to have your email address and all your personal information sold at the highest price.
The hype raised in the community, as well as the attempts of individual players to calculate the income of Mr. Richter, play into the hands of the latter. Detractors like to cite the average blogger’s Patreon contribution as an example. People donate a thousand dollars in exchange for a T-shirt with the signature of the Raja himself, a deck of cards and joining The Big Jackpot to the Internet user’s subscribers. The book and its own application The negative statements of some players do not prevent Raja from developing his business and mastering new directions. Richter does not focus only on gambling. He is also a guest writer for the online publication Entrepreneur. Scott talks about trends in marketing, the development of startups and a personal brand, as well as channel monetization in video services. The Big Jackpot even released its own book, Tips for Making Money on YouTube.
Another interesting project of Raja and his team was the development of a mobile application. The program contains all the material related to Scott’s activities: access to videos and live broadcasts, a store with branded clothing and accessories, notifications about upcoming events, and even links to slot machines recommended by Richter. All owners of The Big Jackpot on smartphones also receive pleasant bonuses: the opportunity to buy exclusive figurines of the blogger and his team, free spins of the electronic Wheel of Fortune, and participation in special promotions and draws. The star status of Scott Richter makes him a welcome guest in any casino and allows you to make money on advertising of land-based and virtual gambling establishments, slot machines and developers. But the blogger himself tries not to focus on this. Even in his YouTube profile, Raja writes that he loves slots from IGT, and most of all – Black Widow, but in principle he is open to any experiments.

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