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Capital Language Population Currency Regulator Gambling allowed Helsinki Finnish 5.5 million euros Ministry of Finance Casinos, slot machines, lotteries, betting, online casinos and online bookmakers Despite various stereotypes, the people of Finland are quite gambling people who love risk and games. The earliest organized form of gambling is recorded among Finns in the 17th century. But public moral condemnation led to the fact that in 1889 a law banned the organization of lotteries and gambling. It wasn’t until the 1920s that the law was relaxed, and today Finns are given ample, though somewhat limited, ability to gamble. Legislation and regulation of gambling in Finland In Finland, there is a complete state monopoly on the organization of any gambling, including on the Internet. The market is regulated by the Law on Lotteries of 2012. Back in 1940, the state-owned company Veikkaus Oy was established in the country, in 2017 all online and land-based gaming establishments, casinos, machines, and halls were concentrated under its roof. Official website A distinctive feature of the Finnish gaming market is strict regulation, protection of players, and the profits received from games go to the development of education, culture and art (53%), social needs and health care (43%), forest protection (4%) . There are several casinos in the country operated by Veikkaus Oy, which controls 223 gaming tables (including poker). The company employs 1,000 croupiers and 40,000 lottery sellers. The company’s profit is more than a billion euros per year. Land-based casinos and slot machine halls in Finland The first roulettes appeared in nightclubs in Finland in the 1970s, but then a law was passed that such games could only be organized under a special license. Currently, there are 10 casinos in 8 cities in the country. All institutions are state-owned, owned by Veikkaus Oy. Entrance from 18 years old. Of the 10 casinos operating in Finland, one should be noted, the largest institution – GRAND CASINO HELSINKI. It will offer visitors 20 tables with classic board games Black Jack, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Punto Banco. It also has 300 slot machines. The remaining 9 casinos in Finland belong to the Feel Vegas network of gaming clubs, they are located in various cities and also offer table games and slot machines. In 2017, 21,424 slot machines were installed in Finland – they work in stores, gas stations and other locations. Each gaming device must be inspected and approved by the National Police and have a storage recorder. Veikkaus has organized a large number of halls under the Pelaamo brand, located in almost every locality. Online casino in Finland The only Finnish online casino in mainland Finland is located at and offers players a variety of traditional casino games and poker. There are many slots, bets on the totalizator and sports events are also accepted. However, no one prevents Finnish citizens from using the services of foreign online casinos and bookmakers that accept players from this country, including the Alland Islands (an autonomy inhabited by Swedes within the Republic of Finland).
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