Gambling billionaires made it to the Forbes list

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Almost three dozen gambling representatives were included in the Forbes list. The richest of the 28 billionaires from the gambling industry named 75-year-old American. American Miriam Adelson is reported to have topped the top 3 gambling tycoons, ranking 36th on the overall Forbes list. She owns the Las Vegas Sands casino and operates gambling establishments in Las Vegas and Macau. Adelson’s fortune is estimated at 38.2 billion dollars. The second gambling billionaire is 92-year-old Louis Che Wu from Hong Kong. He is the owner of the gambling brands Galaxy Entertainment and K. Wah International. He currently has a net worth of $19.4 billion, making him number 93 on Forbes. Another leader of the rating among the representatives of the gambling industry is Johan Graf from Austria. By the age of 75, he has a fortune of $7.1 billion (358th on the Forbes list). Graf is the owner of the Novomatic global gambling brand. According to Forbes analysts, despite the pandemic, in general, the world’s billionaires have increased their capital by five trillion dollars. As My Lucky Story previously reported, Macau’s gambling industry is growing in gross gambling revenue and is recovering from the economic downturn associated with the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Bally’s bought the MontBleu Resort Casino Spa in the US state of Nevada.

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