Gambling company Las Vegas Sands has allocated millions of dollars to legalize gambling houses in Texas

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The American gambling corporation Las Vegas Sands has launched a massive advertising campaign in support of the legalization of casinos in Texas. The state Senate is now considering the operation of gambling houses in this region of the United States. And the legislators’ positive decision is beneficial for a company that wants to build resort complexes with casinos in Texas. Las Vegas Sands is spending millions of dollars on lobbyists who are promoting the need for casinos on various levels, and those investments will pay off handsomely if they manage to tip the scales in their favor, gambling industry analysts said. The corporation makes a strong case. Through various media, she tells the people of Texas how billions of dollars annually flow out of their state into neighboring regions in which gambling houses are allowed to operate. The company emphasizes that this money should be left in Texas and used to create tens of thousands of new jobs, fund education and public safety. As My Lucky Story reported, Alabama lawmakers have taken a step towards legalizing gambling in the state. Earlier it became known that the Maryland Legislature adopted a draft law on the legalization of betting and fantasy sports, the state is waiting for the governor to sign this document. Recall that the Governor of Wyoming has already signed the law on online sports betting – its provisions will come into force in the fall of 2021.

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