Gambling corporation Las Vegas Sands believes that its future lies in digital gaming technologies

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American gambling corporation Las Vegas Sands has announced plans to invest in digital gaming technologies. For this, the company has created a special investment team that will work in this direction. It was headed, according to representatives of Las Vegas Sands, by gambling industry veteran Davis Catlin. The corporation is ready to strengthen its leadership position in the gambling industry and is committed to doing so through strategic steps that will lead the company to future growth, representatives of Las Vegas Sands said. In their opinion, digital gambling technologies represent an excellent opportunity for investment and development. As My Lucky Story reported, Las Vegas Sands is ready to invest millions of US dollars in lobbying for the legalization of casinos in Texas. Earlier it became known that the corporation mentioned above will invest in Asian projects. Recall that the company Las Vegas Sands decided to get rid of assets in Las Vegas.

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