Gambling during the 2020 crisis: forecasts and actions

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Event date: 06/17 – 06/18/2020 Online webinar “Gambling during the crisis of 2020: forecasts and actions”, the first profile business edition in Ukraine about the gambling business, organizes a two-day webinar. Everything you need to know about the gambling business during the crisis, given its legalization and new trends, will be told online by opinion leaders. The webinar will take place on June 17 and 18, the event starts at 19:00. Among the speakers are lawyers, the author of the draft law, marketers, a media psychologist, as well as top eSports and eFootball managers. Anyone who is interested can participate in the webinar by registering using the form on the event website. On the day of the event, participants will be sent an active link to the platform for broadcasting the webinar, which will be held online. During the broadcast, webinar participants can ask questions, which the editors of the edition will send to the experts and make a post-material based on their answers. Registration for the event Register for the webinar Program of the event the nuances of doing business in Ukraine, taking into account the current and latest information from the draft law No. 2331; comparative analysis with the jurisdictions of Belarus and Malta; basic information for operators to start activities; how e-sports and e-football will change due to a sharp jump in popularity and the economic crisis; how the operator can monetize its sportsbook audience during the absence of sporting events; guideline for agencies and clients: crisis marketing; traffic arbitrage and lead generation; about gambling addicts: practical advice in work. Read the most important things about the speakers on the event website, where you can also find detailed abstracts of their reports – concisely and to the point. Contact Information

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