Gambling establishment Tigre de Cristal continues to show profit growth

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Russian gambling establishment Tigre de Cristal recorded a significant increase in net profit after paying property taxes, according to a report by the resort’s chief resident Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd.

The total income of the Tigre de Cristal casino for the first nine months of 2018 amounted to about $42 million. However, these figures are slightly lower than in 2017, when the casino earned $43 million. In turn, the casino owners reported that an increase in net profit was also recorded this year, which the gambling establishment received after paying all taxes. In total, in 2018, the casino earned $6 million. This figure exceeded the results of the previous year, when the institution received $4 million. The report also indicates an increase in the number of guests in Tigre de Cristal. According to the data, in the first 3 quarters of this year, 238,005 people visited the casino, but in 2017, 219,233 people visited the casino. Also, Tigre de Cristal was among the winners of the annual competition “Tourist Industry Leaders”. Receiving the award, the owners of the casino noted that they would soon be able to present to the guests the positive changes that would take place in their entertainment establishment. Recall that the gambling and entertainment complex Tigre de Cristal, which is part of the special zone “Primorye”, was included in the list of objects in relation to which the rules of duty-free trade will apply. Foreign guests of the casino will be able to refund the value added tax for goods purchased in stores in the territory of Tigre de Cristal.

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