Gambling establishments near Niagara Falls complained about restrictions on work

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The authorities of the Canadian province of Ontario do not allow two casinos near Niagara Falls to resume full operation – Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara. Officials explain this by caring for citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. Gambling establishments retort that they spent more than a million dollars on ensuring the safety of visitors and are ready to comply with all health protocols. Now, in the large casinos Fallsview Casino Resort (about 18.5 thousand square meters) and Casino Niagara (about 8.8 thousand square meters), according to the requirement of the Ontario authorities, no more than 50 people can be located at the same time. With such a limit, it is difficult to maintain business, representatives of gambling establishments, which can accept up to 11,000 customers, complained. Earlier it became known that in the capital of Mexico, casinos resumed their activities. They work with restrictions. As reported, state-owned casinos in Seoul, operated by operator Grand Korea Leisure, have reopened their doors to customers. Recall that the Peruvian gambling establishments, which the authorities made indulgences, returned to work.

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