Gambling house Royal Eagle Casino launched in Tirana

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A new casino has opened in Albania. The gambling establishment Royal Eagle Casino opened its doors to gamblers in Tirana on June 23, 2021. This casino has more than 200 slot machines and ten gambling tables. The technological support of this establishment was provided by the international company DR Gaming Technology, which develops and supplies equipment and software for gambling operators. Royal Eagle Casino is the second legal gambling house in Albania. The first – Grand Casino Tirana – was also opened in Tirana in August 2020. As My Lucky Story reported, the Ukrainian authorities allowed the opening of a casino in the Chernivtsi hotel “Bukovyna”. Earlier it became known that two new gambling houses in Oklahoma are planned to open at the end of 2022. Recall that the first land-based casino, in which only foreigners can play, will be launched in Papua New Guinea.

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