Gambling houses in Las Vegas will be able to earn full from June 1

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All casinos in Las Vegas will be able to operate at full capacity from June 1, 2021, if gambling staff are vaccinated against COVID-19. This will happen due to the fact that in the state of Nevada the authorities are easing the restrictive measures introduced earlier due to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the obligatory physical distance between people of 1.5 meters is cancelled. However, the requirement to wear protective masks remains. At the same time, Nevada municipal authorities will have the right to independently regulate sanitary requirements for local residents and businesses, if necessary. As My Lucky Story reported, trial casino openings will be launched in the Netherlands on April 24 and 25 – these will be only six gambling houses operated by the state-owned Holland Casino. Earlier it became known that due to the worsening situation with coronavirus in Cambodia, the opening of a new casino in the city of Dara Sakor was postponed to April. Recall that from April 7 in the state of New York, gambling establishments returned to their normal work schedule.

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