Gambling houses in Ontario can start accepting customers from July 21, 2021

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Casinos in Ontario, a province in central Canada, are preparing to reopen after being idle for more than a year due to anti-coronavirus restrictions imposed by the authorities. The opening of gambling houses may occur on July 21, 2021, although such establishments in other Canadian regions began to launch as early as July 1, 2021. The head of the Canadian Gambling Association, Paul Burns, criticized officials for not allowing casinos in Ontario to open before July 21, and urged them to reopen gambling houses in the province as soon as possible. The lives of the families of four thousand employees of one of the local casinos, for example, depend on it, Burns drew attention. In addition, the authorities should give gambling houses specific information regarding the launch or continuation of the blocking of gambling houses, since both the management and the staff of the establishments need to know what to do in this or that case, the head of the Canadian Gambling Association stressed. My Lucky Story wrote that single bets are legal in Canada. Earlier it became known that by 2030 the size of the Canadian gambling market could reach 4.6 billion US dollars. Recall that gambling operator ComeOn! became an official partner of the Canadian Premier League.

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