Gambling houses in Scotland and England will return to work

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It became known about the resumption of activities of land-based casinos located in England and Scotland. Recall that all of them were closed due to the pandemic for almost six months – since December last 2020.

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The fact that from May 17 of the current 2021, quarantine restrictions will be relaxed for local gambling establishments, Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, told the press. Note that the betting shops in England and Scotland returned to work on April 12 and April 26, respectively. Bingo halls, land-based casinos and catering facilities are scheduled to open in mid-May. In addition, to allow the activities of concert and sports venues. All of the above will work, subject to conditions set by the government. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported that Manila land-based casinos are still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, while Portuguese gambling houses are exempt from taxation until 2022 in order to support business.

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