Gambling in Sweden is used by criminals to finance terrorism

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The Swedish police said that gambling in the country is a business with the highest risks of being used to finance terrorism and launder money obtained by criminal means. And this is already happening in the gambling industry, law enforcement officers stated. According to them, 700 cases of money laundering were detected in Sweden in 2020. They described how this can happen: for example, one attacker transfers money to another after an intentional loss during online poker. The greatest danger of money laundering is for state-owned casinos and online gambling, the Swedish police said. My Lucky Story wrote that the UK gambling regulator fined five gambling companies – they violated the rules of social responsibility and the fight against money laundering. As reported, Action 24/7 bookmaker is suspected by Tennessee authorities of being involved in money laundering. The activity of the office was suspended, but the company managed to impose a temporary ban on this sanction through the court. Recall that a gambling house in California was fined for violating US anti-money laundering legislation.

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