Gambling industry regulators cease to be monopoly in European countries

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From the research report, conducted and published by EGBA analysts – the European Betting and Gambling Association, a positive trend in reducing the number of monopoly regulators in European countries is clearly visible. Note that the study was conducted in almost thirty countries. Experts drew attention to the difference in the situation that was observed on the territory of the European continent, when in most cases there was no regulation of the online gambling industry, or it was monopolized by the state. Licenses for stand-alone types of gambling on the Internet began to be introduced only in 2009 in just a few European countries. To date, in the current 2021, the number of countries with this type of licensing has increased to 25. EGBA experts consider this progress to be very positive for both the conduct and regulation of online gambling. Recall that My Lucky Story reported on a signed agreement between two major European regulators, namely: BGC – the Belgian Gambling Commission and KSA from the Netherlands. At the same time, the past year 2020 was quite difficult for European land-based casinos due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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