Gambling operator: Ukraine cannot create its own Las Vegas and Macau

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In Ukraine, it is impossible to implement large-scale projects in the gambling business in order to have their own Las Vegas or Macau in the country. Because there are no investors who would invest billions of dollars in the creation of new gambling establishments. This opinion was expressed by representatives of the Ukrainian gambling operator Gamedev, commenting on the prospects for the local gambling industry. However, Ukraine, given its geographical location and developed tourism sector, can be a gambling center in the post-Soviet space, attracting gamblers and gambling businesses and exporting its gambling technologies abroad, Gamedev noted. My Lucky Story wrote that gambling operator Solo Games licensed slot machines for the Ukraine Hotel in Rivne. As reported, the Ukrainian authorities issued a license to the company “Primum” for a table with a roulette in the Odessa hotel “Gagarin”. Recall that VBET UKRAINE LLC has become a licensed online casino and poker operator.

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