Gambling operators are asked to reduce customer activity in the UK

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A group of UK MPs have approached online gambling operators. They were asked to impose limits on rates during the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, accept no more than £50 per day from clients. In addition, parliamentarians want companies to discourage customers who open several accounts at once to play. Such measures are needed to protect the people of the country and their money in this difficult time, the authors of the appeal explained. As My Lucky Story reported, as part of the review of national gambling legislation, the UK government may tighten the rules for gambling. In particular, it became known about the initiative to ban betting companies from sponsoring sports clubs. Earlier it became known that members of the British Parliament demanded that TV channels remove gambling ads from daytime broadcasts. Recall that the UK authorities have planned the opening of bookmakers, whose work was suspended due to anti-coronavirus security measures, in the first half of April this year.

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