Gambling website masquerading as online children’s game found in AppStore

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A hidden casino has been discovered under the guise of a child’s game in the Apple App Store. The app is called “Jungle Runner 2k21”. This discovery was made by cybersecurity officers. In the process, it turned out that the purpose of the disguise was to attract customers and enrich the intruders. The platform guaranteed big prizes and bonuses, but the result was only money lost by users. This case is not the only one, there is another example of a disguised casino from this developer – the Magical Forest toy with bright prospects for big wins. Experts explain that this became possible due to the fact that Apple places applications with a built-in, so to speak, online casino absolutely legally. Restrictions or prohibitions are imposed only according to geolocation – that is, in those countries or regions where online casinos are prohibited by law. Such applications are tested and allowed to be placed in the App Store, as they themselves have only an embedded web page, and not an online casino. Many countries continue to actively develop ways to combat illegal gambling operators and gambling addiction – gambling addiction. My Lucky Story continues to highlight what measures are being taken and by whom to address this growing problem. For example, in Georgia, according to the results of a survey, gambling addiction manifests itself in every fifth. Meanwhile, the British want to increase the amount of deductions from gambling and use it to counter gambling addiction.

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