Gambling zone in Sochi calculated losses for 2020

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There is information that 2020 for the Domain company, which since 2017 has owned three casinos operating in the gambling zone: Sochi Casino and Resort, Bonus Slots and Boomerang, has become a year with negative profit indicators. The operator suffered a net loss of almost 724 million rubles. Quarantine restrictions and the closure of establishments during the pandemic reduced Krasnaya Polyana’s revenue by an impressive 38 percent, compared to the same period last year. The amount of income received over the past 2020 amounted to 3.7 billion Russian rubles. The representative of the management of the Sochi gambling zone cited disappointing visitor statistics. There were four times fewer guests and, accordingly, customers this year than in the period before the start of the pandemic, when more than three and a half thousand people were received by establishments per day. My Lucky Story continues to inform its readers about the impact of the pandemic on the gambling industry, for example, another outbreak of COVID-19 has led the Goan authorities to impose new restrictions on casino operations. Meanwhile, gambling establishments in Cambodia have been closed for an indefinite period for similar reasons.

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