Gaming house in Southern Indiana will come under Indian control in the fall of 2021

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The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian Tribe will take full control of the Caesars Southern Indiana casino in Southern Indiana in the fall of 2021. This will happen after all the bureaucratic procedures carried out by the state authorities. To manage this gambling house, the Indians created EBCI Holdings LLC, headed by the former top manager of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Scott Barber. When the Cherokee Eastern Group obtains all rights to the casino, all employees of this establishment (more than 700 people) will be retained. The gambling house is located in the city of Elizabeth (Harrison County). As My Lucky Story reported, the Washington state government has entered into a deal with the Calispel tribe, according to which the casino of these Indians received the right to accept sports bets. Earlier it became known that the Seminole tribe received exclusive rights to betting from the Florida authorities. Recall that the authorities of the state of Indiana put the gambling house of the Potawatomi tribe in a privileged position.

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