German players in online slots may refuse the services of legal operators

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In Germany, new gambling legislation comes into force on July 1, which could lead to problems in the gambling industry. This is stated in the results of a study conducted by surveying players by the analytical company Goldmedia. According to experts, due to the increase by the country’s authorities of the tax for online slot operators – up to 5.3% of their income – gamblers may leave legal companies for offshore ones. Because the players are afraid of a decrease in winnings. According to analysts, licensed operators are likely to offer lower winnings to offset the tax, while illegal ones – who do not have to pay tax in Germany – will offer higher ones. It is the size of the winnings that determines the majority of gamblers when choosing an operator, Goldmedia noted. As My Lucky Story reported, according to the forecast of the aforementioned company, the income of the German gambling market will reach 18.2 billion euros by 2024. Earlier it became known that in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, the German gambling market dramatically lost its position.

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