Graham McAllister: Game developers shouldn’t reinvent the wheel every time

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Developers of online gambling entertainment should not overload their games with new features and strive to provide gamblers with an exceptionally unique product. Graham McAllister, a UX specialist at Kalamba Games, made such a statement in an interview with the CasinoBeats online portal.

According to McAllister, innovative projects with a lot of obscure elements in the gameplay or design can turn off players: Using elements that are too obscure can have the opposite effect. In order for the game to be perceived well, it is enough to apply the functions familiar to gamblers, improving them and carefully introducing innovations. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. A representative of Kalamba Games believes that after the release of a new title, the developer needs to evaluate how exactly the gambler interacts with the game – whether it happens the way the game designer intended, or whether the client pays attention to completely different functions and capabilities of the project. Proper analysis of user experience allows you to identify flaws in slot machines and other virtual entertainment for money. Before joining Kalamba Games, Graham McAllister did UX research (User Experience, UX) of video games at his own company Player Research, collaborating with studios such as EA, Sony, NaturalMotion and others. According to the expert, the interaction between the player and the product is important for developers and publishers to create commercially successful projects. One of the latest releases from Kalamba Games is the steampunk-themed Machina slot machine.

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