Head of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan proposes to increase the number of casinos

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Mr. Zhaparov, the President of Kyrgyzstan, expressed his opinion on how and where casinos should appear on the territory of the republic. He believes that there are not enough regions specially designated for the gambling industry. The head of the republic, in his interview for local media, said that the opening of casinos in large regions of Kyrgyzstan can significantly improve the state of the country’s economy. Sadyr Japarov also mentioned the unpleasant corruption associated with gambling after 2015, which led to a complete ban on gambling in the country. And despite the fact that, according to the new project, all gambling establishments will be open only for foreign tourists, a larger number of open casinos will bring a lot of money to the budget of Kyrgyzstan. It should be noted that according to the data published by My Lucky Story in March of this year, income from the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has already replenished the treasury by 201.6 million hryvnias – and these were intermediate results. In turn, Bulgaria noted that the level of income from the gambling industry decreased by eight percent compared to the previous year.

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