Hierarchy of combinations in Texas Hold’em

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Our today’s topic can rightfully be considered basic information, since we will analyze the hierarchy of combinations in Texas Hold’em. This type of poker is the most popular. Knowing about possible poker hands is the basis of learning the rules of the game. Now from the most important thing – any of the poker combinations is a set of five cards. Each player at the table receives two personal cards in his hands, and five cards “for everyone” are laid out on the table, that is, a player can make a combination using seven cards. It is clear that the goal of any participant is to get the strongest possible hand from what he has and from what is on the table. The hierarchy of card combinations is built on the probability (difficulty) of their collection. In simple terms – to collect the best or, in other words, the highest combination of cards – is the most difficult, which means that this happens quite rarely. Now let’s look at all ten possible sets of poker cards that are complete hands. We will interpret from the smallest – the weakest, to the strongest – that is, the eldest. Combination The highest card in poker In fact, the highest card is the only thing that has weight in the case when the player did not get any combination. With this option, five of the highest values ​​\u200b\u200bare selected from the seven cards available, and the eldest among these five will try to play on the side of its owner.

There are situations when none of the players has a combination – the one with the highest card wins here. Here everything is according to the face value: the jack is older than ten, the lady is older than the jack, the king is older than the lady, and the like. The combination – the highest card – is the weakest of all. Combination Pair in poker This combination has a quite speaking name, Pair is a combination of two pairs – that is, equal value of cards. It can be two fives, two jacks or two aces – any pair of cards. The weight of such a combination is determined by the seniority of the pair.
For example – if several players have a Pair – one has a Pair of Tens, and the second has a Pair of Jacks, then a Pair of Jacks wins. If the Pairs of the players are equivalent – let’s say two tens each, then the winner is chosen by the highest card that is not included in the pair. The Pair combination is only stronger than the High card combination. Combination Two pair in poker Everything is logical here too – Two pair is a combination of two pairs of cards of different denominations, for example, a pair of fives and a pair of kings. Stronger Two Pairs – this is the combination where one of the collected pairs is higher in value.
In the case where several players have the same top pair, then they look at the weight of the weaker pair of each participant and choose the winner from them. For example Two pairs of kings and sixes win Two pairs of queens and jacks because kings are more powerful than queens. If the players have both pairs identical in value, the winner will be chosen by the fifth card. Three of a kind or Set in poker A three of a kind or a Set in poker is a match of three cards of the same value. It can be three sixes, three tens, three aces and the like. The strongest version of the Set is the coincidence of three aces – they are stronger than all the other Threes.
In the case when the players have three cards of the same weight, so to speak, the winner is determined by the highest of the two cards not included in the Set. Let’s say a Three with an extra king beats a Three with an extra queen, and so on. A set is stronger than both Pairs and Two Pairs in poker. Combination Straight in poker This combination is already considered to be a full-fledged one, since it includes five of the five cards allocated, so to speak, to the player. In this set, the value of the cards must go in order, while the suit of the cards is different. A straight can be low – from ace to five (ace-two-three-four-five) and high – from ten to ace (ten-jack-queen-king-ace).
In a situation where several players managed to collect a combination of Straight, the highest possible set of available sets wins. This is a fairly successful combination, it is stronger than all the previous ones. There is also a Straight Draw – a set of cards where only four out of five go in order or one is missing in the middle of the set, but Straight Draw is not a complete combination. Poker Flush Combination A poker flush is a full-fledged combination of five cards of the same suit. Here the order of the cost of the cards in the set does not matter, although if the Flash went to not one, but several participants in the game, the winner is chosen by the highest card from the set.
That is, one player has a Flash of fives, twos, nines, tens and ace, and the second has a Flash of the same fives, twos, nines, tens, but with a king, then the combination with an ace wins – since he is older than the lady. In the case of an equivalent Flush, the winner is determined by the kicker (the card that precedes the value of the highest card). Full House Poker Hands A full Texas Hold’em hand is a full house set of five cards that has two matches – three cards of the same value plus two cards of the same value. We can say that this is a combination in which a Three and a Pair are assembled. In this set, exactly three cards of the same value have weight and the winner is determined by the seniority of the Three.
In a situation where a Full House is collected from two or more players, the hand with the most significant trio wins. For example, two participants have the following sets in their hands: the first has three jacks and two fives, and the second has three tens and two aces, the first participant wins, since jacks are older than tens. Four of a kind poker combination Four of a kind in Texas Hold’em is a combination where a player has four cards of equal value and one of any other value. Let’s say – four nines and a five, four sevens and an ace, four jacks and a queen, and the like. And in this scenario, it is the face value of four cards of the same rank that is important.
If four of a kind falls out to two or more players, the one whose four identical cards are higher wins – that is, Four of a kind of four sevens and a jack is more significant than Four of a kind of four fives and an ace. And in those rare cases when four cards match in value for two participants, the winner is determined by the seniority of the fifth card. Straight Flush Poker Combination Straight flush is a very successful combination – it consists of five cards of the same suit in order. Example – Straight flush from deuce to six (two-three-four-five-six) of any identical suit is the youngest, from nine to king (nine – ten-jack-queen-king) of any identical suit is the highest, and here is a set from ten to ace (ten-jack-queen-king-ace) of any same suit – this is already a separate combination of Royal Flush.
If there is a situation where the Straight Flush combination went to two or more players, the winner is the one whose highest card of the set is also the highest among the sets of other participants. For example: A straight flush to a king is stronger than a similar combination to a queen, to a jack, to a ten, and the like. Royal Flush in Poker The Royal Flush in poker is the highest hand in the Texas Hold’em hierarchy. It can be called the cherished goal of any player. It consists of five cards of the same suit (any of the four suits) going in order from ten to ace – that is, ten-jack-queen-king-ace.
In very rare cases, when two players at the table have equivalent Royal Flush – both win and divide all the available chips at the table – that is, the pot – equally among themselves. Note that there is no suit superiority in poker, so a spade Royal Flush is just as valuable as a Diamond Flush. That’s basically all – we got acquainted with ten combinations of Texas Hold’em. In the text, they are listed from the youngest and in ascending order to the oldest. Please note that in some other versions of the game, their hierarchy may vary. From the first poker tournament to today, when the WSOP – World Series of Poker attracts tens of thousands of players, poker remains one of the most popular games. There are more and more people wishing to take part in significant tournaments, despite the high buy-ins. If you decide to master poker, you simply need high-quality preparation, study the terminology and strategy, practice and learn from each of your games, try to take into account the basic tips for beginner poker players.

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