Hong Kong police seize millions of dollars from illegal betting shop

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In Hong Kong, the police, during a special operation conducted on July 8, 2021, identified an illegal bookmaker’s office and detained three people – the organizer of illegal gambling activities and two of his assistants. During the searches, law enforcement officers seized more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars (more than 1.28 million US dollars) received by attackers from bettors, and records of bets worth more than 120 million Hong Kong dollars (more than 15.45 million US dollars). As well as telephones, computers, machines for counting money and bank documents. This illegal betting center in Hong Kong accepted more than HK$10 million worth of sports bets each month, according to police. The office, which was placed in a hotel room, accepted bets from players through social networks and by phone and required bettors to pay only in cash, which made it difficult for law enforcement to identify bookmakers. Three detainees are charged with illegal bookmaking and assistance in illegal betting. My Lucky Story wrote that the Austrian authorities announced a blow inflicted by the authorities on the gambling mafia. As reported, the Russian tennis player Yana Suzikova was detained by the French police in the framework of the contract game case. Recall that the Thai police liquidated an illegal gambling operator.

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