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We bring to your attention an overview article on choosing the right betting strategies for sports events. Professionals say that betting today is not exactly gambling. Comparing the chances of winning with entertainment such as poker or blackjack, roulette or lotteries, experienced bettors will say that the odds are higher when betting if the right strategies are used. Beginners often see betting as a game with a 50/50 chance of winning, but those who practice betting regularly will not agree with them. Any bet made is a duel with a bookmaker. The office sets certain odds, embeds its margin into them and hopes for the better to lose. On the side of the bettor, there is always room for analysis, calculations and cold calculation. By evaluating the “horse” you want to bet on and choosing the strategy that suits you, you will surely be able to stay in the black.

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Luck or love for football/hockey/tennis alone is not enough in the world of real betting. Betting is the branch of gambling in which your victory depends on you. This requires a clear system and well-thought-out steps. The two pillars on which your success will rest are statistics and mathematical calculations. Things to consider when choosing a bidding strategy Start by becoming familiar with the different bidding strategies. Some of them are not universal and are optimally suited to certain sports disciplines: some – to team sports, others – to individual ones, so to speak. On the Internet, there is a lot of information about “Super-Strategies that definitely work”: remember a simple rule – there is no such magic. Study and analyze each one you want to try. It is not worth waiting for frank tips from successful bettors who earn a lot of money on bets – it is not in their interests for the bookmakers to find out exactly how they are beaten. Gaming and financial betting strategies There are two main types of strategies – gaming and financial. Let’s talk about each of them in a little more detail. The first option: gaming strategies are more often in demand among beginner bettors. This list includes such methods as betting on an account, on totals, on the so-called surebets, and the like. There are among them quite convenient for beginners, for example, “Asian handicap”. In it, depending on the outcome of the event, there are several ways to make a profit. Having mastered the existing options, you can feel more confident. Practice with small stakes to get a clearer understanding of which techniques suit you best. The second type can be called more complex: financial strategies are based on the bank management system (its own budget). And here in the main place is the bet, and not the event on which the bet is made. The aphorism is well applicable to such strategies: “It is better to win a little than to lose a lot.” The most, so to say, popular of them are the D’Alembert and Counter-D’Alembert strategies, as well as the Martingale system and the Kelly Criterion, which we talked about in the Black Jack dictionary, and this criterion is used not only in gambling, but also in other financial events: whether it is buying shares or doing business. D’Alembert and Counter-d’Alembert are distinguished by the fact that bets are made in them according to a mathematical progression. Both of them are considered the least risky. To use the D’Alembert system in practice, you need to clearly define the size of the bet as a percentage of your bank – it will be considered your “conditional unit” at each next step. A suitable odds for such a game is from 2.0 to 3.0. Well, the very essence of the strategy – after each loss, you will need to increase the next bet by one of your “conditional units”. Thus, the better hopes that the subsequent victory after the loss will cover the costs and return the initial bet with a profit. Counter-d’Alembert – by name it becomes clear that this system is opposite to the previous one. The player also chooses a “conventional unit” – the amount to bet, adhering to the same odds range from 2.0 to 3.0, increases the next bet by one “unit” in case of winning the previous one and reduces it in case of loss. At the end of the full cycle, the system repeats itself. The Martingale strategy, like the three previous ones, was developed for casino games, but they have found their place in betting. This strategy is also known as catch-up betting. It is similar to the d’Alembert system. The Martingale system implies doubling the initial bet after each loss, as if catching up with the desired result. Let’s say a player bets on a draw every time in the match between Reds and Whites, hoping that when the bet on a draw wins, he will be in a small, but still positive. This method allows the better to win not much, but quite often. As for the player’s loss, large sums are usually lost, but this happens quite rarely. Summing up, we emphasize once again that any business requires good preparation. Before making your first bets at a bookmaker, try to study the terminology and get to know the existing systems and bets in more detail, understand what the bookmaker’s margin is and how it affects the size of the odds. An analytical approach here will bring more benefits than a simple belief in luck. Well, try not to get into the list of the strangest bets and bets, although … such amounts appear there. The summary is simple – the correct calculation and perseverance will surely help you win in any endeavor.

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