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The online casino and gambling industry is gaining popularity every year. The number of fans of online games and sports betting is growing every day, thereby causing demand for more and more new online casinos. Demand, as you know, creates supply, and therefore many businessmen began to think about the possibilities of opening their own casino site. However, this is not as easy to do as it might seem at first glance. There are many pitfalls and nuances in opening a new casino and in running a gambling business that you need to know about in advance. This article will collect all the steps for successfully opening a casino on the Internet. The basics of running an online casino as a business 1. Software Creating an online casino always starts with choosing a reliable partner, namely, a casino software provider. Casino sites are very different from any other sites, for example, the same online stores, so to make a quality product, you need the help of specialists who understand the specifics of the gambling business. There are many companies in the industry that offer to purchase online casino software. In such cases, it is necessary to be very careful and responsible in choosing a partner and consider both local and foreign companies. Providers offer both separate platforms for doing business, for example, managing customer data, payment, bonus system, loyalty program, receiving real-time reports, integration systems with game manufacturers, as well as services for managing all platforms provided. Prices, like systems , providers may differ, but if you are new to the gambling business, then it is better to trust professionals with extensive experience in the business and a good portfolio. 2. Proper gaming content The next step for a successful online gambling business is gaming content. This is exactly what players come to the casino site for – to play their favorite games. A successful casino site must include the most popular games from well-known providers in its assortment, as well as constantly add new games to attract new players. The gaming content at the casino is very extensive, these are slots, casino games with live dealers, table video games, video poker, arcades and others. According to statistics, live casino games are in the highest demand. These are games in which there is a dealer and the player is immersed in the atmosphere of a real casino and live communication with the dealer. The more varied the games on the casino site, the more players will find their game to their liking and come back again. You can get acquainted with the catalog of game manufacturers here. 3. Gambling license Obtaining a gambling license is one of the most important steps in building an online casino. This is perhaps the longest, most responsible and expensive process in opening a casino. Initially, you need to decide and study the market in which your casino plans to operate, make sure that this action does not contradict the criminal code or the prohibitions of a particular country. After studying the market and making sure that the gambling business in the chosen territory will be legal, you need to choose a suitable license and decide on the jurisdiction that suits you. Some of the most popular are Malta, Curacao, UK. The differences between them can only be in the duration of the license, cost and reputation. 4. The choice of payment systems Based on the chosen territory of your future casino, you need to analyze the most popular payment systems operating in this country and integrate at least two so that players have a choice. It is advisable to choose not only popular ones, but also proven ones with a good recommendation in order to increase the credibility of the site. 5. Creation of a team A new casino, like any other new site, requires its own team, which will work on it and develop it. After obtaining all licenses and settling legal cases, you need to start making your website. The standard online casino staff includes about fifteen employees, among them: designers, developers, content managers, copywriters, social media promotion specialists, marketers, project managers, product managers, financial specialists and customer support. 6. Website design The design of a casino website should be not only interesting, but also well thought out in terms of UX. This is the layout of the sections, the colors of the buttons, the player’s path from the main page to the “deposit” button, as well as the ease of use of the site, its display on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. 7. Casino Marketing A new online casino should stand out from the crowd of other sites and have its own unique marketing to attract players. Various promotions, free spins, gifts for loyal players, VIP program, first deposit bonuses – all this should be thought out by a marketer who will estimate advertising costs and the time when your casino will start making a profit. Properly built marketing is the key to a successful online casino. 8. Customer Service Also an integral part of a successful online casino is customer support. This can only be an online chat on the site or a configured telephony. Casino players always have questions, one “FAQ” section on the site will not be enough to answer them. In addition to the fact that a quality support department will resolve player issues, it will help them continue playing, often they also do the work of a seller to retain players. Therefore, there is certainly a need for a quality customer support team. If you plan to open an international casino, then support should work in different languages. How to minimize the costs and time to open an online casino? To avoid all the difficulties that arise when starting your own business, there is a way out in the gambling market – this is a turnkey solution, namely a turnkey online casino, a full-fledged casino with a valid license and a ready-made marketing plan. Artem Yurkevich, head of sales at 1Click Games, talks about one of these companies, which is a lifeline for those starting their business in the gambling industry.
“Our company has been on the market for more than a year, and we have hundreds of launched sites and dozens of grateful customers behind us. We are software developers for the gambling business. In addition, we have a wide range of products: 1Click CRM, casino, 1Click Bet sportsbook, lottery platform and 1Click CMS. Our customers can choose what they want to see on their site, dedicate it entirely to lotteries or sports sweepstakes, add only slot games or focus on games with a dealer. We have an individual approach to each client, create an individual design and offer a huge portfolio of games from world developers. We can also provide customer support for any casino, as well as “breathe life” into an existing online casino through marketing and an affiliate program.” More information about the features of opening your own online casino can be found on the company’s website: E-mail: [email protected]
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