Illegal online gambling operators come up with new schemes to circumvent the bans of the Central Bank of Russia

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Illegal gambling operators slip Russians new schemes for replenishing and withdrawing funds from their accounts. The scheme is simple: to replenish the account, the client of the online operator transfers money from his card to the card of another individual, usually a fake one. Further, the money is converted into crypto-currencies and, already without hindrance, transferred to the gambling operator. The withdrawal of funds takes place in the reverse order. Most of these operators use additional software and specially created Internet portals, so that the average user is not even aware of the whole scheme. According to experts, the only way out of the Central Bank’s counteraction to the transfer of money to illegal gambling operators is to strengthen the monitoring of individuals’ transactions and block suspicious cards. However, these measures are unlikely to be effective, since the sales of stolen cards on the dark web are simply enormous. In addition, experts do not exclude the deliberate “renting out” of bank cards for an acceptable fee. As previously reported, the Webmoney payment system stopped conducting transactions between illegal poker rooms and owners of Russian electronic wallets.

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