In England, the sponsorship of sports teams by gambling operators is decreasing

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In England, the number of gambling companies sponsoring sports teams has almost halved since 2019. This is evidenced by data from a study by the consulting company Caytoo. Analysts specified that if in 2019 the share of gambling operators sponsoring sports clubs was 15.3%, then in 2021 it will already be 8.1%. In addition, the share of sponsorship from alcohol companies has decreased, the experts added. They explained that such changes are related to the growing demand from society for professional sports to be more socially responsible towards fans and residents of the communities that the teams represent. This may also lead to the fact that the UK government, as part of the revision of national gambling legislation, is likely to prohibit gambling operators from sponsoring sports organizations. But representatives of the digital industry, which began to grow very rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic, have increased their share in the sponsorship of sports teams. In addition, construction, engineering, automotive, energy and media companies are increasing their sponsorship presence. As My Lucky Story reported, the English football club Forest Green Rovers took the side of opponents of sponsorship and advertising of gambling operators. Earlier it became known that another FC from England – Preston North End – terminated relations with its sponsor, gambling operator 32Red, due to an anti-gambling campaign in the country.

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