In Finland, identification for slot machine players will become mandatory

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The Finnish operator Veikkaus, the gambling monopoly in the republic, has announced that identification for slot machine players will become mandatory from the beginning of July 2021. The trial version of the project, launched in October 2021, was supported in many regions of Finland, and since mid-January of this year, the use of the Veikkaus client electronic card has spread throughout the country. From July 1, only customers who have passed identification will be able to play in the slot machine hall. Note that if the slot machine cannot “recognize” the client for technical reasons, the machine will be disabled or decommissioned. Earlier, My Lucky Story already reported on another Finnish restriction – since June 10, there is a daily limit on betting in Finland and those who wish to place a bet will not be able to spend more than 1,500 euros on it. More on the topic – the Bojoko company launches an analytical resource about betting – a kind of guide for the Finns on legal betting companies.

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