In Krasnoyarsk, a bank was deprived of a license due to transfers to shadow gambling

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From an official message from the Central Bank, it became known that one of the Krasnoyarsk banks was deprived of a license for conducting transactions prohibited in the Russian Federation – an NPO, also known as the Krasnoyarsk Regional Settlement Center, transferred money from citizens to the accounts of shadow gambling operators. Experts say that the amounts of these transfers were quite large. All financial organizations, institutions and mobile operators were warned that such offenses would be punished severely. The person involved in this case, the NPO bank, which is on the 367th step among the banking organizations operating in Russia, has been using the Payment System for about thirteen years – a system of payments and transfers. As it turned out for opaque transactions. The case of such strict sanctions is far from the first and, according to experts, not the last. Recall that in the first ten days of May 2021, the State Duma of the Russian Federation received an initiative to fine electronic payment operators, mobile communications and other financial institutions for money transfers to accounts banned in the Russian Federation, online casinos. We also recall that My Lucky Story reported that in Russia the launch of the unified gambling regulator would be postponed.

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