In the UK, published the result of a large-scale study of gambling

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Researchers from the University of Oxford have published the results of the largest study of the British gambling industry. The material was anonymous data of 6.5 million clients of the largest bank Lloyds Banking Group over the past 7 years. According to a study in 2018, 218,000 Britons spent £1,838 on gambling (about 40% of all their income), 5% of players provide gambling companies with 60% of their income. Increasing gambling spending to 10% of the budget means that a player will be 51.5% more likely to borrow money and 97.5% more likely to miss mortgage payments. Statistics also show that those who spend more than 30% of their income on gambling die within 5 years by 37% more often. The scale of the study is evidenced by the fact that 10.6% of the total population of Britain appear in it, in other similar studies – no more than 1%. According to experts, the report may become the foundation for tightening British gambling legislation. As previously reported, the UK gambling market has undergone a number of changes after the regulator introduced new rules.

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