In the UK, they proposed to establish a mandatory amount of deductions for the fight against gambling addiction

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In the UK, as part of the revision of gambling legislation, it is necessary to establish a mandatory amount of deductions for gambling operators for the prevention of gambling addiction and the fight against it. This is stated in the report of the charitable organization GambleAware, presented to the authorities of the country. Now companies that legally provide gambling services also pay, but there is no specific amount of this fee, representatives of GambleAware specified. The organization added that it had received £15.6 million in donations from operators over the past 12 months. Their amounts are growing every year, GambleAware noted. However, the voluntary nature of the contributions in the UK is problematic as there is no defined funding for gamer assistance programs, which varies significantly each year. The voluntary nature of the current arrangements inevitably leads to funding uncertainty from year to year and significant fluctuations in cash flows throughout the year. As My Lucky Story reported, Mayor Sadiq Khan promised to ban gambling ads on the London Underground if he is re-elected on May 6. Earlier it became known about the idea that appeared in the UK government to introduce a ban on bookmakers being sponsors of sports clubs. Recall that members of the British Parliament demanded that TV channels stop showing gambling advertising on the daytime air.

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