In the United States announced the danger emanating from illegal slot machines

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The American Gaming Association released a report focusing on illegal slot machines that pose a danger to gamblers and the economies of the US regions. The association drew attention to the fact that illegal machines are used, for example, to launder money obtained by criminal means. In addition, these slot machines are not certified and licensed, and do not provide for responsible and fair gaming. Illegal operators use slot machines to lure people from risk groups, in particular children and gambling addicts, the AIA emphasized. Law enforcement and politicians should root out illegal slot machines and prioritize regulation of this form of gambling. State authorities and the public should not allow slot machines, and entrepreneurs should actively discourage the emergence of illegal slot machines, the American Gaming Association recommended. In the United States, illegal slot machines are rapidly and uncontrollably spreading, which is facilitated by gaps in the legislation – this poses a threat to players and society, strengthens the position of illegal gambling and criminals, and deprives the regions of the taxes they need, representatives of the association stated. In their opinion, legal gambling is a privilege, work for the benefit of society, which benefits from regulated gambling. My Lucky Story wrote about the results of a large study conducted in the United States, according to which many gamblers do not understand the principles of gambling. As reported, a group of scientists from Canada and the United States conducted another study – and did not reveal a direct link between the opening of new casinos and the emergence of problem gambling. Recall that the US National Council on Problem Gambling gave recommendations to state authorities, universities and gambling operators to prevent gambling.

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