In Wisconsin, a player hit the jackpot on a slot machine and turned $10 into a million

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The owners of a land-based casino in the US state of Wisconsin “Second Madison” pays out a jackpot exceeding one million dollars for the second time in less than ten days. This time, the customer of the slot machine hall was lucky, betting only ten dollars, he received 1,014,574 in US currency. It is known that the previous big prize was awarded on June 13 of the current year and amounted to 1.3 million, we note that the player spent only three dollars on the bet itself for playing the slot machine. The leadership of the gambling establishment told the press that this had not happened for the past six years – then, the machines pleased the client with a little more than one million and there was a pause for large payouts. Let’s remind you about another big win – the winner of the Powerball lottery received a record jackpot by choosing a one-time payment method, while losing a fairly large percentage of $ 731 million in taxes. Since he decided to remain anonymous, in the small town of Lonakoning, where the lucky man lives, a real stir began – countrymen and not only try to find out his name.

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