Indiana’s Potawatomi Tribe Casino Gets Betting and Table Games Right

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The Potawatomi Indian tribe of Michigan has obtained privileges from the Indiana authorities for their casino. Indiana legislators approved a deal between the state’s governor and the Indians, concluded back in January 2021. According to the agreements, the Four Winds South Bend gambling house located in South Bend, which previously conducted only online gambling, can now also engage in live table games and betting. For the Potawatomi tribe casino, which annually gives two percent of its income to the South Bend budget, the tax rate has also been reduced – up to eight percent of the income received (other establishments pay 25%). In addition, the authorities of Indiana pledged not to allow anyone else to operate casinos in the north and northwest of the state for 20 years. My Lucky Story wrote that the Ho-Chunk tribe of Indians will build a casino in the city of Beloit (Wisconsin). Earlier it became known that the tribe of the Tule River will build its own casino in the central part of California. Recall that the authorities of Connecticut successfully carried out a mandatory agreement with two Indian tribes on the regulation of gambling in the state.

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