It became known that the current Euroleague season is no longer valid

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On May 25, 2020, an extraordinary meeting of the Euroleague participants was held. On it, they issued a verdict to recognize the current season of the competition as invalid. This means that the 2019-2020 season will no longer resume. Changing this decision is not at all related to whether the situation in the world will become stable after the pandemic. The Euroleague of this season will no longer resume in any case. In addition, at the meeting the representatives of the Euroleague decided that the new campaign will start on October 1st, and the European Club Basketball Tournament – on September 30th. The organizers of these events very much hope that soon the coronavirus infection will no longer threaten people’s lives. 18 teams will play in the new Euroleague campaign. These will be the same teams that participated in the old season. Members of the Euroleague made an unusual choice in relation to the Eurocup. Those clubs that were supposed to take part in the ¼ finals of this season will take eight places. The remaining sixteen teams will be distributed according to the standings, depending on what place they will take according to the results of international games. This implies the conclusion that the association harbors hope that the championships of countries will all come to an end. This option is also allowed: the places in the national competitions will be distributed in accordance with the old places where the teams were before the announcement of the worldwide epidemic. The current president of the European League, Jordi Bartomeu, gave a short interview on this topic. He noted that his entire community would not be able to ensure the safety of the players and the entire competition. In addition, Bartomeu said that it was not at all clear to him when it was necessary to start resuming the remaining matches of the season. The President of the Euroleague said that after the end of the campaign, basketball players definitely need about 45 days to rest, and then the same amount to train and prepare for the new season. Jordi emphasized that this statement was not affected by the fact that the majority of clubs were against the start of the Euroleague.
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