Italian gambling houses back to work

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It became known that quarantined since October last 2020, Italian gambling houses will be able to resume their activities from July 1 of the current 2021. This was stated by representatives of the Italian authorities at a ministerial meeting held on May 17. The meeting was attended by top advisers to the country’s health care system, Italian ministers, including the current prime minister, Mr. Mario Draghi. The decision to return gambling has been officially adopted. The easing of restrictions will be phased in: starting from the first of June – sports grounds, halls of cafes and restaurants. But with some restrictions – the occupancy should not exceed 25 percent of the maximum calculated. At the same time, for indoor spaces – no more than five hundred people, and for open spaces – no more than a thousand guests or spectators. They also plan to lift the current curfew in Italy from June 21, 2021. Meanwhile, Italian online gambling revenues are growing significantly. It should be noted that concessions have also begun in other countries, for example, in the state of New York, land-based casinos are increasing their occupancy from 25 to 50 percent – as early as May 15.

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