Japanese authorities decide whether general legalization of sports betting is needed in the country

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The gambling industry is waiting for the results of the discussion of the general legalization of betting in Japan, which has been started by the government of the country. This is a critical issue as Japan’s banned sports betting market is valued at more than $65 billion, industry analysts said. The Japanese government has failed to hide the very fact that the discussion is taking place in secrecy – and the media reports about this have excited representatives of the gambling industry. Experts believe that if the Japanese authorities approve betting, betting on the events of the Japanese Professional Baseball League will be possible in 2024. It is also possible the appearance of legal bets on the matches of the Japanese Football Championship, as well as other sports. At the same time, analysts noticed that in Japan, as such, sports betting – in one form or another – exists. For example, horse racing, motor boat racing, cycling and motorcycle racing. But for their organization it is necessary to go through bureaucratic procedures in various authorities. As My Lucky Story reported, the state of Missouri initiated a draft law that, if passed and enforced, would legalize sports betting and slot machines. Earlier it became known that the authorities of the emirate of Dubai denied the information about the licensing of the gambling industry. Recall that Arizona has become another US region where betting is legal.

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