Kazakhstan amends gambling legislation

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The Parliament of Kazakhstan has started work on new amendments to the gambling legislation. Gulmira Bergenova, director of the Association of Betting and Lottery Businesses, spoke about the innovations that the gambling business may soon face.

Gulmira Bergenova said that the draft law, which is now being considered by the government, was being prepared throughout 2018 and discussed at various platforms of all involved ministries, and therefore is well-developed: the Government has taken into account almost all of our proposals. Now the deputies will study the issue of creating gambling zones. Also, MPs should consider a document that prohibits betting on any events other than sports. Gulmira Bergenova also said that the bill also included another necessary norm, taken from international experience: We suggested that the deputies consider a document that would allow players to restrict their entry into gambling establishments. We submitted the self-exclusion procedure to the authorities three years ago, but it has only now come under consideration. However, the new bill does not take into account the procedure for combating foreign gambling sites that continue to operate illegally on the territory of Kazakhstan: Sites do not pay taxes and do not receive licenses. At the same time, they are very actively advertised on all Internet portals. Bergenova added that the government also needs to finalize the tax legislation, since at the moment it only casts a shadow over the legal gambling business and does not allow gambling operators to pay taxes. The expert also spoke about the fight against illegal betting and lottery business. Gulmira Bergenova said that at the moment there are a lot of shortcomings in the gambling legislation of Kazakhstan, thanks to which unscrupulous operators continue their activities: Everything that can or wants to work illegally now works under the banner of bookmakers and sweepstakes and casts a shadow on bona fide participants in this market .

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